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Industrial craftsmen: we like to call ourselves like that.

1982: the year in which the entire Luzi family enters the Company, founded by Fernando Luzi in 1951.


Made in Marche

Tre Elle is able to design and manufacture any metal object or structure requested, thanks to its technical office which is supported by a long experience in the use of CAD/CAM software, which guarantees an excellent service in terms of quality, plus a Metrological Laboratory for the constant control of quality standards.

Tre Elle is from the Marche region, located in Fermo, and this guarantees you a reliable and continuous assistance, a team that is strongly rooted in the territory and a 100% Italian design.

Industrial craftsmen

is the term that perhaps distinguishes us the most. Over the years the tools of our work have changed: in an entrepreneurial generation, we have passed from the manual tool to the laser and the numbers of our productions have notably increased, but basically our way of working has not changed: the "art" of the manufacture has remained unchanged.

We strongly believe in the "territorial" component of our company which is, above all, handing down, from generation to generation, the experience of certain works, our creative and manual ability, but also the love for innovation and research.

"Only the experience of our Craftsmen allows us to make the best use of the most modern technologies" by carrying out the entire process within our "Production System" with latest generation equipment such as ultra-modern laser cutting machines, which allows Tre Elle’s industrial production to be constantly at the top of technological innovation.

High Experience in the Manufacturing of Products

Tre Elle works within its 3,200 square meters, with its 40 employees who are able to design and manufacture any metal object or structure requested.

The technical department, which is supported by an extensive experience in the use of  CAD/CAM software, is able to offer an excellent service in terms of quality. The company is always in constant growth; technological innovation and continuous updating are part of Tre Elle’s DNA.

CNC Cutting Machine

Our laser cutting department has only the latest generation equipment, fully automated and controlled by apposite software. In particular, the presence of a cutting machine equipped with optical fiber laser, allows Tre Elle, in addition to excellent performance in terms of execution speed and energy saving, also and above all, a perfect modulation of the cutting power based on the treated materials and the possibility to work materials such as COPPER, BRASS and TITANIUM.

This guarantees the customer greater efficiency over time and a high quality finishing of the processed pieces.

The Metrological Laboratory

Quality and attention to the smallest detail are not just phrases of circumstance, but the foundations of our daily commitment.

The constant control of quality standards, with measurement methods which are adopted and applied with high precision instrumentation are proof of this.

All processes are carried out with the support of a wide range of instruments such as digital gauges and micrometers which are guaranteed by an internal calibration service of all measuring instruments.